Jul 1, 2010

How to : Failover Cluster for Windows Server 2008 R2

Common Quorum method with Failover Clustering:

  • Node Majority - each node stored one quorum data,  it will sync with every node
  • No Majority (Disk Only) - quorum data stored on a share disk

System Requirement

1. Domain Controller + iSCSi target (Windows 2008)

  • DataPool.example.com - for Shared Disk Provider

2. Windows Server 2008 R2 * 3

  • WS1.example.com  - for Failover  Clustering
  • WS2.example.com  - for Failover  Clustering
  • WS3.example.com  - for Failover  Clustering

datapool.example.com have already setup a Windows domain: example.com and preparer two iSCSI target disk with following fingure:

  • QuorumDisk is used to store cluster quorum (200MB)
  • StorageDisk is used to store user data of File server (300MB)

Configure iSCSI on Windows Server 2008

1.Logon to  WS1,  Open Administrative Tools and click iSCSI initiator, then may be prompt following message :

2. Click Yes to start the service

3. Select Discovery Tab, click Discover Portal...

4. Enter the iSCSI target IP address or DNS name and click OK

5. Go back Targets Tab, it will appear two share disk (QuorumDisk and StorageDisk )

6. Click Connect

7. By default click on automatically attempt to restore the connection when restart

8. Now,  Open Disk Management console, it may found two share disk.

9. Right Click Disk 1 and Disk 2, and  Click Online

10. Repeat step 1 to step 9 in PC WS2 and WS3.

11. iSCSI target status may display which host connected.

Installing and Configuring Failover Clustring feature

1. Open Server Manager, Right Click the Feature and click Add Feature

2. Select Failover Clustring, Click Next to start install

3. repeat step 1 and 2 in WS2 and WS3.

4.  Expand the Failover Cluster Manager, at the Actions panel , click Create a Cluster

5. Enter server name that you want to have in the cluster

6. Select No

7.  Enter a cluster name and enter ip address for this cluster , in my case: myCluster

8. Be default, the Quorum type is Node majority.

9. In my case , we want to change to No Majority (Disk Only),

10. Expand More Action, click Configure Cluster Quorum Settings...

11. Click No Majority (Disk Only) -  can sustain failure of all nodes

12.  Select a share disk to store Quorum data, Click Next to finish.

Installing  and Configuring File Server service with Failover Clustring

1. at the Service and application,  click Configure service or application...

2. Select File Server service

3.  Enter cluster name and IP address for this service

4. Select a share dis for store data and click Next to finish

5. Current Owner is random assigned for first time.

Testing the File Server

1. Change current owner to WS1

2.  Add a shared folder

3. Create folder

4. Click Yes

5. Click Next

6. Click Next

7. Click Next

8. Select a permission and click Next

9. Click Next

10. Click Next and Finish.

11. Created share folder may be appear in this panel

12.  remove LAN cable to test

13.  Current Owner auto change to WS2,  it does not affect end user operation.


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