Mar 23, 2011

Fix Calc Row(s) / Column(s) Repeat Printing Problem

Visit Format -> Print Ranges -> Edit
You can select the range, repeat row(s), repeat column(s) when print this spreadsheet.
Somehow, when you click "OK" to accept the settings, an error - Invalid sheet reference may occurs.

We discovered that which is a bug reported from Launchpad (#374708) and Debian (#527535)

It is strange bug. If you install the official from
This bug will not appear. (That means this bug comes from Distribution ?)

Nevermind. Let's fix this bug first.
Visit Tools -> Options

Visit Calc -> Formula

Re-select Calc A1 at Formula Syntax

Then press OK, and this bug is fixed.


FoxMulder said...

You're still using OpenOffice? The project has forked, and Ubuntu, PCLinuxOS and other distros now use LibreOffice -- the new fork. It's being developed and fixed at a better rate than Oracle is doing with OpenOffice. You should take a look and see if the problems you're having are fixed with the new supported fork :)

MR. A said...

I know LibreOffice will replace, but some people still using, and we should know how to fix this problem by myself.
Thank you for your comment.

Anonymous said...


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