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Is Intel Core i5 (Kaby Lake – 7th Generation) Good For Gaming?


Is Intel Core i5 good for gaming? As we have often said, the difference between the sixth and seventh generation processors is, at best, the lowest level, and one passage is like another learning. The Core i5 7500 was used, and for this test because of the power difference between two generations of Core i5 6500, it can fall for each reference score by 5%. In the real simulation, the difference is the best fraction.

Well, that’s why Intel processors are forbidden, and then there are the newcomers and the ones that are used for the ordinary people. The 7500 processor merely is pointlessly utilizing a processor that is not compatible with the operating frequency (You can speed up some of them which will be discussed later).

This processor operates at a fundamental frequency of 3.4 GHz, but up to 3.8 GHz if necessary. Of course, a total of 4 physical cores, Core i5 with 4 core but no hyperthreading function. The L3 cache memory is 6 MB, and the average is approximately 65 watts, which represents a reasonable decrease in performance observed with the 7600K i5.


Efficiency Analysis

Go directly to the comparison points. We decided to compare and compare the Core i5 7500 with the more expensive Core i5 7600K. Due to the low-price range, the latter is a perfect test partner.

Since this processor is not designed for heavy tasks, we decided to start with the applications and decided to use the features that the average user will see during his life. As a discussion, we began our tests with Singularity Ashes, a game that is already pushing processors to the breakthrough.

It was 7600K just under 30 seconds, but we expect the results to be less than 7500. 15 1080p present crazy, we were surprised with a fast 7500 processor of 26.5 frames per second up to 7600K can be in the immediate vicinity. Of course, the 7600K has a chance of more than 7500, since it can be overclocked, but if the margin is set, the difference is a fraction.

The Cinebench R15 was where two 15 straight 7500, we set the lowest power of multiple cores from a single core to just over 605, 605 points. The performance of a single core is only 17% slower than 7600K, and the multi-core performance is at least 100 times slower.

The 15 7500 managed to do the job with 42.6 frames per second, which is only 7600K. Similarly, in the WP WPRime calculations over 7500, 7600K, but it took at least 50 seconds more to work with 1024M. For most of our metrics, it’s time to test what’s in the real world, and WinRAR was the first compression in the queue. Then the gaming with the same test for the graphics card and very high FXAA 1080p starts with pre-installed and Ascension Tomb Raider 7600, during the recording 117.6 FPS made impressive 115,7 7500 frames per second. The difference between these two FPS processors in almost all games will never be higher than 5 frames per second, which shows the 7500-n-play environment against which the Core i5 Core i5 processor was the most expensive.

If this processor is unlocked, you can speed up the clock by using multiple on the Z170 or Z270 motherboard. The only difference is that these processors are not covered by the warranty when they are overclocked, at your own risk and risk.

It is excellent in this new generation of processors that the HD630 graphics card has superior performance in less complicated games in low and medium graphics conditions. Later, 7-generation Intel processors have distinct advantages, such as improved hardware support and faster memory modules. However, these tests show that the i5 7500 processor has one and wants to invest money in software that buys one entirely because there are more DIMMs or better graphics cards for those who want to save money on the motherboard. With an additional $40, we can offer an investment in M.2 SSD instead of a conventional SSD: the speed increase is simply unusual.



  • This is the best value for money CPU among all Core i5 processors and is suitable for large processors.
  • The frequency of the clock helps to master complex tasks better than cheaper processors.
  • Balanced performance mono center and multiprocessor.
  • The performance class is much cheaper than the Core i5 or even the i7.
  • Ideal for beginners and simple builders This is a bit overclocking.



  • Performance is the best jump compared to sixth generation processors.
  • Maybe Intel helped a little with Turbo Boost.
  • If you are looking for a new laptop or laptop to play, one of the critical factors to consider is the type of processor.


When do you spend money on i7?

First, understand how to use your computer. For example, it can be beneficial for workloads in Hyper-Threading Technology (HT) workstations and processors. Sometimes it is not, but it never hurts. If you are using a multimedia workstation computer or running a CAD program, use a higher processor.

HT is not necessary if you use the computer primarily for games. Do not provide improved performance. This does not mean that HT will adversely affect your style of play, but do not expect it to add much. As the games become more intense with the processors, the i5 processors continue to thrive. So, if you are a player, even if you are serious, the Core i5 processor will live up to your expectations.


What makes a computer game?

When you buy a desktop computer, you can see many machines that have impressive features but are not sold as game computers. You can find desktops, laptops or workstations that are capable of playing the latest functions. What exactly does the computer do on the computer?

Tip: the patient’s LED light illuminates.

At the top, it is easy to detect when a computer plays a game. If you have two Titan X chromosomes in the SLI configuration that look on the side wall with a window, it is apparent that you are looking at the game system. At the bottom, however, the standard desktop panel is less understandable when connected to a PC gaming device. The parts necessary to create a gaming computer are the same for conventional computers:

  • Motherboard Processor (CPU)
  • RAM Unit (hard disk or SSD)
  • Graphics card (GPU)
  • Power supply (power supply)
  • Cooling (fan, CPU cooler, etc.)

Domestic commercial computers or even home computers have all these things. Perhaps many computers will use integrated video processing in addition to the graphics card instead of going to a separate video card, while others will require multiple screens, for example. So, if the same parts are found in conventional computers and gaming machines, what separates them? It is not surprising that the performance and performance of the components: this distinguishes two types of computers.

This is definitely a gray area because sophisticated desktop devices can play games. it has the same features as good cheap gaming computers. The maximum computer that contains the best components can have better parts of the workstation. If you look at the specifications of a computer to see if it can play another game, four factors can create or change the capacity of the system.


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