Jun 28, 2010

How to : VMware ESX with NFS on Win2003 R2

Windows Server 2003 R2

Installing NFS Service

Open Control Panel, go to Add or Remove programs and then click Add/Remove windows components.
select Other Network File and Print Services, click on Microsoft Services for NFS and click Details.

make sure select all components in the Microsoft Services for NFS

Configuring User Mapping

Open Microsoft Services for NFS panel in Administrative Tools.

Right click User Name Mapping and select properties.

Before you must get the passwd and group file  form ESXHow to enable SSH to get those file

Right click User Maps and select Create Map, List windows and Linux user and select Administrator and Root user to create a mapping.

Create NFS Share folder

Create a new folder, right click and select Properties, then select tab NFS Sharing.

if user mapping with root user, please ensure to click Allow root access.

VMware ESX

Add NFS Storage

Enter the server IP address and NFS share name and Datastore name


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